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Personal Attention, High Standards

Unbounded Namibia Safaris and Tours is an owner-run business, having grown up in Namibia, and spent well over a decade exploring, travelling, and working in the country. Unbounded Namibia Safaris and Tours is striving for a reputation of reliability, safety, high service standards and excellent value for money. Our mission is to provide comfortable, personal and interactive safaris. We will strive every day to position ourselves to be able to provide our customers with the product they require, whether it’s a budget-restricted or a premium safari.



    At Unbounded Namibia Safaris and Tours your specialists will put together individual & tailor-made expeditions

    Safaris & Tours


    The Orange River which forms the northern border of the Park is virtually the only standing water in this whole vast region.

    River Adventures


    Dare to take part in the authentic 240km Kalahari Challenge - One Day Race

    Cycle Adventures


    Can all the above really happen on a school residential trip? The answer is an indisputably, YES.

    School Adventures