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Quality, Experience & Passion

Unbounded Namibia Safaris and Tours offers versatile itineraries, insight into little known tour and safari destinations and exclusive added value.Phil Van Wyk and Harry Kielblock, has been involved in the safari industry for the last 15 years . Their in-depth knowledge and experience  in Southern Africa has given them the unique ability to offer a wide variety of safaris and tours, all of which ensure their clients a classic and distinctly African experienc It is our stated mission to be the leading Safari Operator in Namibia for the private traveller. We strive for a culture of excellence through teamwork and unity. We make a difference by empowering people to live out their passion and expertise, being an attractive and passionate business, realizing our guests’ dreams by delivering quality experiences.


Our in-depth knowledge and experience over many years in the safari industry has given us the unique ability to offer a wide variety of safaris, all of which ensure our client a classic and distinctly Namibian experience. The tours narrow down an unlimited range of attractions to core itineraries, and provide maximum excitement to the selected highlights visited.
We pride ourselves in the high standard of accommodation and also the mode of travel we offer our guests, thereby ensuring an effortless, comfortable and unforgettable Namibian safari. All our safaris are conducted by our expert guides and ensure a friendly, knowledgeable and customer orientated service.Unbounded Africa is their South African partner company.

Personal Attention, High Standards & Owner Run Business

Unbounded Namibia Safaris and Tours is an owner-run business, having grown up in Namibia, and spent well over a decade exploring, travelling, and working in the country. Unbounded Namibia Safaris and Tours is striving for a reputation of reliability, safety, high service standards and excellent value for money. Our mission is to provide comfortable, personal and interactive Safaris. We will strive every day to position ourselves to be able to provide our customers with the product they require, whether it’s a budget-restricted or a premium safari.

Unbounded Namibia Safaris and Tours is based in Namibia, its Namibia’s youngest leading inbound tour operator. Leaders in excellent service levels, attention to detail and flexibility to match customers’ needs. Our purpose is to provide quality travel services that will exceed our customers’ expectations.

Why Unbounded Namibia Safaris and Tours?

  • We believe in a small-group policy while on safari.
  • We are the leaders in private safaris throughout Namibia. (No matter how great or small your needs may be)
  • We are specialists in family safaris.
  • We cater to everyone's needs from camping, lodge, tailor-made and special-interest travel.
  • We put more focus on the wilderness and culture areas of Namibia.
  • We pledge to minimize the intrusion on local cultures.
  • Always with a great personal atmosphere.
  • We are at all times committed to eco-friendly, sustainable and responsible tourism in all our operations.
  • We support the local qualified guides from the specific regions in which we operate.
  • We support all the local communities and community camp sites on our safaris at all time.

Unbounded Namibia Safari and Tours has extensive experience in the safari industry – you can feel rest assured that all of your travel arrangements will be taken care of in the best possible manner at all times…