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Kaokoland MTB Cycle Tour

The Adventure

This Mountain Bike adventure is covering the unique Kaokoland of Namibia, with its wide open space, Desert wild life and magical sky.

This impression, however, is very deceiving, as Kaokoland is full of surprises, with a rich treasure of discovery for those fascinated by its unique beauty and wild life.

With the Unbounded Namibia Safari team, you will experience Kaokoland and its beauty like never before, conducted in a safe and environmentally sensitive manner.


  • Epupa Falls
  • Van Zyls Pass
  • Marienfluss
  • The Red Drum Crossing
  • Khumib River
  • Hoarusib River
  • Puros
  • Hoanib River
  • The Khowarib Schlucht
  • Palmwag


On this specific tour:

  • You will need a four-wheel drive vehicle with good ground clearance and low range.
  • The tyres on your vehicle cannot be low profile road tyres but must be high profile floating tyres with off road capabilities.
  • You do not need any previous sand and rock driving experience. 
  • You will need a fridge and chairs.
  • You will need your own sleeping bag and pillows
  • You will need a MTB and spares for your bike
  • You will need all your own supplements for the trip
  • You will need your own snacks and drinks!

The Team

Your tour leader is an experienced nature conservationist and adventure guide. He will be in contact with you at all times, impart a wealth of biological, cultural and historic knowledge.

Three meals a day will be prepared by our experienced bush chef in his mobile kitchen, with fresh salads, potjiekos, braais and many other surprises appearing on the menu. The good old “koffie pot” will be on the fire from six till late.

Though this MTB adventure can get “exciting” and is sometimes not a “walk in the park”, we will at all times practice safe on-road driving techniques and should you experience any difficulty, the Unbounded crew have the “know how” and recovery equipment to assist with any problems.

Some of our overnight stops will be rustic and unusual, but you will never the less at all times be safe, the crew will spare no effort to make you comfortable, provide you with good wholesome food and, most importantly, see that you have a good time.


Adventure Itinerary

Day 1, 2: Epupa Falls
Today, your destination will be the spectacular Epupa Falls on the Kunene which forms the northern border between Namibia and Angola where we will meet for the thirst day of your Cycle Adventure. We will be spending two days at Epupa Falls, where we will have enough time too few the falls and for those who would like to pay a visit to a Himba Village. Tonight, we will be treated to one of Africa's most beautiful sunsets over the beauty of Kaokoland and the voice of a spectacular waterfall in the back ground.

Day 3: Bush Camp
Another early start after a hearty breakfast, and we leave Epupa Falls behind, heading back down to a small village called Okangwati, where we will be turning west in to the heart of Kaokoland. We will spend the night in a dry river bed.

Day 4: Van Zyls Pas
Today we will make our way towards the foot of Van Zyls pass for a good dinner and preparations for tomorrow’s rocky ride over Van Zyls pass into the Marienfluss. Our camp will be standing under some big Ana Tries with the Unbounded Namibia team ready to treed you with their bush cooking skills.  

The camp sites for too night is a rustic bush camp with  toilets and shower facilities – Our water availability for the night is limited, but we will ensure your comfort and needs are met.

Day 5, 6: Marienflus
Today we will take our time to get to the top of Van Zyls pass with a few surprises. We spend some time at the top of Van Zyls pass overlooking the breath-taking view of the Marienfluss before we take on the real challenge of Van Zyls pass, which is going down! We will make our way through the grass fields of the Marienfluss valley in a northern direction to the Kunene River.  

Our camp site for the next two nights is on the banks of the Kunene River with toilets and shower facilities. There will be time to relax the next day and explore and discover the Marienfluss on your own time or just to re live the last few day’s experiences.


Day 7: Marble Camp
Sadly, after breakfast, we have to leave the banks of the Kunene River behind and drive down through the Marienfluss pas the red drum to our next destination. We will be heading for a camp site on the banks of the Khumib River called Marble camp. This camp is named after the mine in the area called Marble mine, which we will visit in the afternoon.

The camp sites for tonight will have toilets and shower facilities - again rustic, but we will ensure your comfort and needs are met.

The original drum was a red Caltex 45gall drum that Mr Ben Van Zyl put down there after using it as a petrol stash. In those years you could actually leave petrol like this there without being stolen!! In the end he used it as a marker and called it Rooidrom.The original drum at Rooidrom was taken by Hereros penetrating from the south in their bakkies. They would fill it with river water and take it to their cattle in the Marienfluss. This is one reason why the area about 20km from Otjinungwa is so badly overgrazed. Chris Eyre, who was the nature conservator there, replaced it with a new drum that he painted red and it was immediately taken again. The last and third drum, he made full of holes and put gravel inside. It is still standing

Day 8, 9: Puros
After Breakfast we will be cycling along the Khumib River from where we will be changing over in to the Hoarusib River all the way to Puros. Today will be the day where we have to keep our eyes wide open for the elusive Desert Elephants as well as the rest of the wild life kingdom that are surviving in these dry Rivers of Kaokoland.

We will spend two nights at Puros where we will be camping and enjoying the silence of nature in the evenings around the camp fire while our Bush chef will prepare the evenings meal on an open fire.

Day 10: Kanamub Mountain Camp
After two nights and one of day at Puros we will make our way towards Sesfontein where we will do camp for the night at a camp called Kanamub Mountain Camp.

The camp sites for too night is a rustic bush camp with  toilets and shower facilities – Our water availability for the night is limited, but we will ensure your comfort and needs are met.

Day 11: Warmquelle at Sesfontein
Today we will have a relaxing day of cycling towards Warmquelle which is a natural hot spring at the foot of the Mountains. We will spend some time in the spring to recover from the last few days cycling before we take on the last 90km towards Palmwag.

The camp sites for too night is a rustic bush camp with  toilets and shower facilities – Our water availability for the night is limited, but we will ensure your comfort and needs are met.

Day 12: Palmwag
We will be doing our last day of cycling through the Palmwag concession where we will see a lot of wild life while cycling towards our last camp, Palmwag. You will be treated with a warm and final meal from our bush chef as well as some final words from your guide and the crew.  

Day 13: Home
Sadly after breakfast we have to say our good buys after a memorable trip together, that is until your next Unbounded Namibia Safari experience.

  • Meals: B: Breakfast; L: Lunch; D: Dinner; * Own meals


What is included?

  • All accommodation and meals stated above
  • All game drives, park fees, park entrance and accommodation fees
  • Guided safari vehicle & camping equipment & tents
  • 2 Crew vehicles
  • 4 Crew

What is not included?

  • Optional activities
  • Bring your own Chairs and Sleeping Matts, Sleeping Bags…..

Optional Activities

  • All extra activities along the way


  • Meeting point: Epupa Falls

Transport Options

  • Own Transport
  • Or we can arrange transport for you as an additional cost to the tour price.

Our Transport

  • We will have a passenger carrier Land Cruiser with trailer to transport the people that don’t have their own transport or would like to fly in and out from Windhoek.