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River Adventures

Join our orange river rafting trail through the Richtersveld. This is a low impact river rafting adventure and suitable for people without any prior experience.

We sleep on the banks of the orange river. This is just a rafting adventure. We explore the Richtersveld mountains and enjoy the great outdoors. You are welcome to sleep outside next to the fire or in your own tent. The uninhabited part of the Richtersveld makes you feel like a true adventurer.

All our equipment and meals are transported by our group of river rafters. There is no designated campsites and we will explore the banks of the Orange River. We start our day with an early morning paddle. In the afternoons we will stop for a picnic style lunch and enjoy the tranquility of the river. In the late afternoons we have time to relax and even do some hiking in the mountains. All our camps are natural areas along the river. All meals provided will be freshly prepared on open fires.

We will provide you with a full packing and kitlist. It is important to have the correct preparation guidelines when joining a river rafting adventure on the Orange River. It is recommended that you arrive at our base camp no later than 5 pm on the first day. Our guides will welcome you upon arrival. Our evening will be spent listening to a final briefing before we embark on our adventure the following morning.

Our Trips

5 Nights / 6 Days River Expedition


  • Adults: ZAR 4,850
  • Children under 12:  ZAR 3,450

4 Nights / 5 Days River Expedition:


  • Adults: ZAR 4,450
  • Children under 12:  ZAR 3, 050

Scheduled Departures

  • All our River Expeditions will be departing on your preferred Date!!

We are private group based with a minimum number of 16 people per Expedition to maximize your experience!



    The Richtersveld is a unique mountain desert wilderness of great beauty, tucked in the far north-western corner of the Northern Cape in South Africa.

    Richtersveld Area


    With years of experience on the river as a guide and operator, we are proud to present to you this new, fresh river company, whose ultimate aim is to give you an unforgettable outdoor river rafting experience.

    River Rafting